Friday, March 15, 2013

WHAT ??!!?

Sometimes people just astound me - in a jaw-dropping, shake your head kind of way.  This happened twice to me today as my daughter and I went grocery shopping.
I will recount these strange events in reverse order -

Strange Event #1  While wandering the aisles of Whole Foods this afternoon, we passed an elderly woman, shuffling slowly along with a large, plastic bag held up with both hands in front of her face.  I try not to stare - really I do - but I was confused.  As she pulled the bag away I saw it contained a complete, and quite huge, loaf of Irish soda bread.  She returned the bag to her mouth and continued gnawing away at the side of the loaf as she shuffled past.

Daughter and I exchange glances - and shake our heads, giggling under our breath.

Strange Event #2  As we drove to the grocery store we had to stop at a light near a popular neighborhood shopping area.  On one corner of the intersection stands a large tattoo and piercing shop.   This was formerly a restaurant, so there is a large outside patio facing the intersection.  I noticed that shoppers and strollers across the street were gathered looking over at the tattoo parlor.  There in the patio, surrounded by at least 20 other on-lookers was a man, naked from the waist up hanging from a tree.  He was suspended there via a contraption that was attached to a rope which was held by another man, who would raise and lower the hanging man via the rope.  A third man held onto the hanging man's legs and pushed so he would swing back and forth.  The man was hanging from - THE SKIN OF HIS BACK.  About 6 piercings lined his shoulders, which were attached to some wires that were connected to a bar.  His back skin stretched abnormally from each hook.  Hanging man was smiling and talking with the crowd.

Daughter screams and covers her eyes.  My hand shoots over my mouth - "Don't look, don't look" I say.  "No no no no no no....." is all daughter can scream.  Hand remains over my mouth and daughter's eyes remain covered for at least a mile down the road.


Quote of the day:  Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go, instead, where there is no path
                               and leave a trail.                ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Oh this was a very strange day for you and your daughter. You might consider staying indoors for a while. It's weird out there!

  2. Huh. Not sure exactly what you say about stuff like this. What a strange couple of events--at least you have it documented.

  3. You did have a strange day. I loved your description of both your reactions to the hanging man. Why would one want to hang from the skin of their back? Strange indeed.

  4. Ewww! Hanging by skin! Yuk! As for the lady eating the bread, some people have a lot of nerve. Is it a full moon? Those were some strange sightings.