Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dogs and Garbage cans

"Be aware" she told herself as she hoisted the garbage can over the lip of a small concrete step on the way to the curb.  "Notice the small things - feel the weight of the can, the heat of the sun, the sound of the plastic wheels scraping heavily on the driveway."
She mentally recited her current mantra: "I am well, I am thin, I am healthy, I am strong."  Sometimes just words.... sometimes words that meant something.  Right now, they merely provoked questions.  Strong??  What did that mean, really?  Not just accommodating and tolerant.  She wanted strength of body, strength of conviction, strength of soul.
The dog lives in the present.  It does not harbor resentment towards other animals who have done it wrong - human or otherwise.  It forgives and forgets immediately.  It does not hold a grudge for a past growl or bite or kick or forgotten meal.  NOW is what matters.  A lesson that resonated with her.  Let go.  Forgive.  Be strong.  Be aware.  Be present.
A tall order, at present, she sighed.  But - not impossible.