Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back Again

I can't believe March is almost here again.  I find myself giddy - yes, I used the word GIDDY - with excitement at challenging myself to write daily again.  I swore to stay connected and write every Tuesday, but managed only one post.  UGH.  But, no beating myself up - I'll just try again.

With a pile of papers to grade calling to me from my bag, and dinner to still get ready, I'll have to make this a short post - today I am asking questions. . .

Why -

Why can't I seem to get well?  January and February have been brutal.
Why does teaching no longer move me - and how can I get to retirement sanely?
Why does a particular family member feel compelled to make Facebook entries solely designed to make others feel jealous or bad?
Why can't I seem to find a circle of friends as supportive as those in the SOLC group?
Why am I procrastinating about getting back into my exercise routine?

Looking forward to hearing from other SOLC slicers.  I've missed you!!!