Thursday, March 14, 2013


Foggy days meld into one another
Unsure where one leaves off, a new one begun
No structure or routine
Blissful disarray
Late mornings
Late nights
An uneasiness lingers beneath all movement
          all activity
This will not last
You are not free yet
Mere intermittent assuagement
Nagging thoughts
    Guilt, melancholy
Effort is cumbersome, weighted down
Release is unattainable
Unsettled spirits
Careful avoidance
Goodwill a fallacy

Quote of the day:   "I am tired of myself to-night.  I should like to be somebody else." ~Oscar Wilde


  1. Tomorrow is another day. Things seem to clear in my mind in the mornings. Hope your Friday and weekend lend themselves to your release.

  2. Such turmoil expressed in your words. I hope that it is short lived and you will see the light at the other end. Love Oscar Wilde's quote I think many of us have felt that way.