Monday, March 18, 2013

Controlled Chaos

Uh Oh…… our calendar is getting FULL:

Niece’s 16th birthday (still need to buy present and card)
SBA testing starts for 8 days
Daughter’s podiatrist appt.
Mom’s dermatologist appt. (please say a small prayer things are OK)
Baseball practice – so much for Tuesday nights
Track practice (times 2)
Dance practice
Sub day – must make plans still
Daughter’s first track meet
Baseball practice (so much for sleeping in on Saturdays)
Palm Sunday
Mom’s podiatrist appt.
Son’s first track meet
Baseball, track, dance practice – again
Son’s first baseball game
Twin sisters’ birthdays – need to get cards still – YES, I STILL SEND CARDS
More practice, more track meets, more games
Granddad’s birthday
Son’s IEP meeting
Art & Dessert Night at mom’s school
Mom’s class goes on field trip
Son and daughter’s dentist appts. – rescheduled once already, now must do it again!
Daughter’s trip to Californina for DECA National competition

……….and somewhere in there I have to schedule an appt. with an ENT specialist and an allergist – plus – eat, sleep, teach, grade – dare I hope, exercise

WHEW!!!!!!  I’m not complaining – really – but, summer can’t come too soon.

Quote of the day:  When we remember we are all mad,
                                    the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.   ~Mark Twain

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  1. I love that you titled this "Controlled Chaos". Looks like you have a lot to do, but you've got it under control--at least you've listed it all out! :)