Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Madness

March brings the start of some of my favorite sports.  I have always been a sports fanatic - participating some, but equally happy as an enthusiastic spectator.  This year March brings track and field for both my kids.  Up until this year only my daughter followed in her dad's footsteps and ran track for her school.  I love watching her compete, pushing herself, trying her best, hair flying as she focuses her sights on the finish line.  Now she will run for her high school - a much different level of competition.  Meets look like they'll be on weekends so her dad will get to watch her, a treat, as he usually misses them since he works at night.
My son will also run track this year now that he has moved on to middle school.  He is a natural athlete - even though he remains small and slight at 12.  Every sport he has tried has come easily.  Watching him run - flying past much bigger boys - is really something to see.
Then, of course, there is baseball - my favorite.  My son has played little league every year since he was 5.  He is good.  Every March, you will find me at the field at each game, sitting in my comfy chair with my drink and bag of sunflower seeds, cheering him on.  If called upon, I'll work in the dugout, calling out the lineup for the boys and keeping them in check.  Weather here in March is unpredictable, but on those warm spring days when the wind takes a break, there is no other place I'd rather be than at the ballpark.
We have a minor league team in Albuquerque - so spring brings training and shortly thereafter, games.  What is happiness in spring?  Sitting at a baseball game, in the warm sun, with a hot dog, cold beer and good friends.  Who's with me?
Finally, MARCH MADNESS - I admit to being a fair-weather fan of college basketball during the regular season - but come March and the tournament, I am a fanatic - glued to the TV watching every game I can.  I have my favorites, of course, and if they are playing, things get pretty crazy around here - especially if my husband is with me.  Screaming, clapping, jumping off the sofa, yelling at the TV, dog barking at us in utter confusion over the chaos.
In fact, to sign off now, as Michigan is playing Indiana at present - score is close in the 2nd half - got to go join my hubby in the other room -  

Quote of the day:  A hotdog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.  ~Humphrey Bogart


  1. Your spring is sports filled. Watching your kids participate is just about the most fun a mom can have. So you have busy days reading/writing slices and all the sports in March. It definitely is madness.

  2. I like the Bogart quote. We're not a big sports family, but we had the same kind of dedication for band. We attended every football game, every parade, and every performance. It was a fun time! I love your description of the chaos during March madness!