Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Choice

I am consciously attempting to be more aware of the small things in daily life that are worth noticing.  You know what I mean - the tiny flower emerging amidst the dry grass, the song of a distant bird, the shape of a cloud, the smile on a stranger's face, the wag of a tail, the kind word.....

It is in these moments that we can find true happiness, if we truly desire it.  It is in the noticing that we make the choice for happiness - a choice that is always ours, but which we seem to forget is there for the taking.

I am not good at observing the minutia of life, let alone appreciating or celebrating it.  So - I am trying.  I am inspired by so many other slicers who are able to do so with seeming ease and grace.  I want to be like them.

Today - I left our staff meeting with tensions and voices raised - the topic had been test security - so it was not surprising that stress levels were high.  I tried to not get sucked in - but was not successful.  As I walked up the stairs, I was shaking my head in frustration and anger - aimed at a few staff members who had done or said something to which I had decided to take offense.

Wednesdays are short days at my school - usually this translates to a lighter mood, an easier pace, a momentary relaxation from the daily grind.  We love Wednesdays - kids and adults alike.  But today I felt both disappointment and frustration that the meeting had "ruined" the day.

I reached my room and didn't even greet my students who so patiently waited for me (again, a choice).  I unlocked the door and held it as the kids filed in.

Then - quietly, T. saved the day.  T. is a tall, african-american boy - brilliant, always happy, always with a smile, always an eager attitude towards life, school, others.  I love T.  He brightens my day.  And today, he did not fail.  As he walked past me, under his breath he sang (as he is wont to do)
"Sing a happy song...."  I didn't hear the rest of the words.  But, it didn't matter.  His simple melody showed me that I had a choice - a choice that T. makes, perhaps unconsciously, everyday - for happiness.
Thank you T.  Today, I chose happiness!

Quote of the day:  "...the true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details
                                of daily life..."    ~William Morris


  1. I'm glad you are after the small moments that add up to big meaning. I'm glad that T. was singing today...I'm glad you noticed.

  2. Sometimes it is the small stuff and only the small stuff that gets me through my day. Many years ago a colleague and I had a saying..."Don't let the turkeys get you down." Meaning the teachers who had been there, done that, and knew something new wasn't really new because it had all been tried before, bla bla bla...we decided not to get sucked in. It's hard and it is a moment my moment decision. Stick with it! Yay small stuff! Yay T! Yay you for noticing and doing something about it! Hang in there.

  3. You looked, you found, small stuff matters and it slips away so quickly. I'm glad T. was able to flip the day for you.

  4. Little things can really change our days. For the good or bad. We always need to me on the lookout for the good. I'm glad T helped you find the good.

  5. A perfect little noticing that helped, Julie. It doesn't get any better than that. I love all the details you shared to bring us to that happy part!

  6. I completely agree with you! Wondering now if my post last week was one you referenced :) Thanks for sharing!