Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Clan of Calm

 I love it when students, especially ones from whom I am not expecting much, blow me away with their creative written expression.  It serves to remind me that I should always give kids more credit – you just never know when they might craft a superbly written sentence, or turn a phrase with skillfully chosen descriptors, or – as is the case I am highlighting – develop characters that set the imagination afire.
Today I read the rough draft of a constellation story (students created a new constellation and wrote a myth about it) by a student who is quite intelligent but who struggles with ADHD and some other motor issues.  The mechanics of writing are a real challenge for him:  letter formation, placement and organization of text on the page, writing on the correct side of the paper, spelling, holding the pencil correctly – it’s all a struggle.  Using a computer has not proven to be a great solution.
However, his ideas – that is another thing altogether!
Most of his stories tend to involve elements of science fiction, interspersed with mild warfare and violence.  I’ll admit to having difficulty reading and conferencing on these kinds of stories – it is hard to redirect some kids away from the appeal of battles and killing.
However, this story was not too bad in that regard, I thought as I read it.  His main character – God of the Punk – was mainly a skateboarding, Dr. Pepper drinking dude!
He met up with some other characters who I just fell in love with, however.
The gods of the Calm Clan:  there was the Yoga god, and the god of Quietness.  Their leader was the King of Calmness.  But my favorite one was the god of Sitting Still.  He was cursed to sit still for all eternity.  Apparently, he could teleport – but if he ever moved – even flinched (which is what happens in this story), he disintegrates!
Who comes up with this kinda stuff???
Apparently – this kid.  I just love it.

Quote of the day:  To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day,
                              to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human
                              being can fight; and never stop fighting.   ~e.e. cummings


  1. That sounds like a very creative kid. It always amazes me when one of my students does something like this. Bravo to him for creating such great characters, and bravo to you for instilling the creativity and community for him to write!

  2. Very creative. Isn't it fun to find these nuggets of growth and inspiration. Yeah for you and him!