Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beginnings and Endings

A roundabout way of saying THANK YOU:

In my fourth grade class, we begin each day with a short morning routine - only lasts a few minutes but it gives everyone a moment to say hello to each other and sets the tone for the day.  At fourth, the kids aren't into the "cutesy" stuff - so I put on some tunes - always upbeat - usually something from current pop music and they greet each other with a handshake, high five or hug.  Then we take "nominations" whereby students nominate 4 kids each day for something they have done nice for someone else, or for being a good friend, or for some other act of kindness.  It is a small way to recognize each other, but the kids seem to enjoy the activity.

I began this SOLSC this year with a gratitude list - and have decided to end it with one as well - especially considering we are ending on Easter - it seems fitting to look back with appreciation for all that I've gained this month and to look forward to the days ahead with hope and thankfulness.

So - to that end, I would like to start with a few "nominations" of my own for several fellow slicers who have come to mean a lot to me during this challenge.

I'll begin by nominating Ruth and Stacey for the insight to create this challenge in the first place and for the determination and effort to keep it running, especially given how much it has grown since its inception.  You have created a community of writers who offer each other needed support, advice and encouragement.  You have created a safe place for people to explore their craft.  You have created an opportunity for people to focus on the fleeting moments in life, the small moments of magic, the often overlooked moments that make our daily routine - which are, in fact, the most meaningful and poignant  occasions.  Thank you for the invitation to stop, look, wonder, question, rant, celebrate, appreciate, complain, worry, praise, create, write...

I would like to nominate Terje for regularly commenting on my posts, as well as for the inspiration you have become to me as a writer.  I appreciate the effort you made this month to visit my blog and offer the kindest words of support and understanding.  I appreciate YOU as a writer - your imagination and ability to craft words into beautiful pose and poetry has been and will continue to be a motivating force for me.  Your writing is remarkable; your encouragement is cherished.

I would like to nominate Elsie for becoming what I can only call a "kindred spirit".  I have connected with not only your writing, but also with you personally - which is odd in a way, considering we have never met.  Yet, I feel we "know" each other.  Thank you for all of your warm and enthusiastic comments over the past month.  I always missed hearing from you when you did not post a comment.  I loved learning more about you through your posts.  Here's hoping we might actually meet some day.  Thank you also for the words of encouragement to keep slicing throughout the year.  Your comments have lit a fire within me - I'll really try to give it a shot.  Thank you!

I would like to nominate other "friends" who took the time to regularly comment on my posts - some of you are Tara @ A Teaching Life, Maya Woodall, Rachel Z., Kay, BK, Donna, Tam, Linda @ Teacher Dance, Jackie, and Anita.  So many of you graciously took the time to stop and read my writing - and make comments of appreciation, connection, curiosity - I have learned from you and grown from our interactions.  Thank you.

Finally, I nominate All of you who participated in this year's SOLSC - whether we ever made a connection or not.  Just knowing that I was a part of such a wonderfully creative and supportive community has been an invaluable experience for me.  I have grown personally, emotionally and creatively.  I have felt the warm embrace of a group of wonderful people who share the desire to learn, teach, inspire, share, ponder, imagine.

I hate to say goodbye, but I know it is goodbye for many of us - at least for another year.  I promise Elsie to make an effort to slice each Tuesday - thereby continuing to be connected to this world of writers and continuing to hone my personal craft.

Thank you once again for all your many gifts this past month, fellow slicers.  It has been a blessing and delight to be in your presence.

Happy Easter to all!

Quotes of the day:    What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel
                                 that they are joined for life - to be with each other
                                  in silent unspeakable memories.               ~George Eliot

        Among the things you can give and still keep
         are your word, a smile and a grateful heart.                  ~Zig Ziglar


  1. Gee Julie, what can I say? Thank you for your kind words doesn't seem to be enough. I know how much I've grown as a writer and person by participating that I'd hate to see others not have that same opportunity. So don't disappear, I will be looking for you on Tuesdays. I'm usually there looking to learn more about my friends lives. See you Tuesday, so start looking for that idea now! :-)

  2. What a great experience it has been! Thank you for your thoughtful slicing...and for staying with it! See you on Tuesdays?!

  3. Thank you. Aitäh. I'm smiling. I hope that you will write on Tuesdays.