Saturday, March 16, 2013


A quick gratitude list to start the second half of this Challenge ~

I am grateful for:

• family time - actually have to make this post quick so I can go to dinner with my "peeps"
• the good health and intelligence of my kids
• potato chips - I rarely indulge, but when I do - I remember how much I love them
• the small pink blossoms emerging on our peach tree in the back yard
• the kind comments made on many of my posts by my fellow slicers
• the creative minds involved in this SOLSC - you all inspire me daily
• laughing babies
• a husband who is willing to make changes
• the promise of Easter                                                          
• a warm sweatshirt
• a warm shower
• cobalt blue
• the easy strains of a Vivaldi concerto
• the excitement of March Madness basketball
• the anticipation of summer
• the possibilities of my OLW - "create"

Thank you - now, off to dinner

Quote of the day:                      All things bright and beautiful
                                            All creatures great and small
                                            All things wise and wonderful
                                            The Lord God made them all.
                                                           ~Cecil Frances Alexander


  1. I enjoyed the ride through the list of your detailed and delightful blessings.

  2. Nice list of a variety of things. I especially liked the potato chips :)

  3. Great list! I have the same OLW!

  4. Wonderful list! You are certainly putting your OLW into practice by participating in the slice of life challenge! Keep creating!

  5. I just love gratitude lists! They really bring things into perspective and focus us on the positive. I especially love your attention to detail, noticing the smallest of things like the small pink blossoms emerging on our peach tree in the back yard, a warm shower, and potato chips.

  6. Love the list! The small things we're grateful for make a big impact.

  7. Great list! The creativity of all the SOL-ers has inspired me every day too!

  8. A terrific gratitude list! And I love "create" as OLW.