Thursday, March 29, 2012


While reading through my students’ home writing journals this week, I came across an entry by one young lady that listed “Words I’d be willing to get rid of” and “Words I have to keep”.  Her list was simple but I came away with a much deeper understanding of this student than I had before. 
HA – inspiration!  So I will be borrowing this brilliant idea from her – credit goes to Audry!  Thank you for giving me another list to make:

Words I would be willing to get rid of ~

Cancer                        War
            Violence          Addiction
Insincerity      Superficial
            Loneliness      Poverty
Injustice         Orange           Fear
            Evil                  Maggots          Hunger
Revenge         Catastrophe   Testing

Words I HAVE to keep  ~

God     Blue    Family             Friendship
   Loyalty                     Love
            Pie       Harmony        Health
Books              Canyon                       River
            Sun                 Gratitude
Dog                 Peaceful         Blessings
            Vacation         Understanding
   Ocean          Summer   Comfort
                        oh . . . and       WRITER (of course)

Many, many more to add, but this will have to suffice for tonight.  What words would you keep?

Quote for the day:  Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

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  1. I LOVE that blue comes after God, before Family! haha - I remember reading that you love blue when I read your post on Sunday. I like this idea. While I was reading yours, I instantly had words popping into my head, or I had thoughts on your words. For instance, orange would DEFINITELY be a keeper for me. :)