Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New Gratitude List

Happy Spring Break to all for whom this applies!!!  We are not traveling this year as we usually do, but I will enjoy the down time anyway.

Because SOLC has become an obsession for me and is taking up too much of my thoughts and time (though I RELISH EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT!!) I will force myself into a simple list of thanks today and move on to enjoy my freedom and family.  Hope the day is a beautiful one for everyone else.

1. I am grateful for vacations
2. I am grateful for my funny, crazy, son with his infectious laugh
3. I am grateful for the funny family movie night we spent together last night
4. I am grateful for the unexpected blanket of fresh snow on the ground this morning, but
5. I am also very grateful that the forecast is for warm, warm, WARM!
6. I am grateful for the buds on the rose bushes and the plum trees and peach trees already in bloom
7. I am grateful for each and every comment someone takes the time to make on my blog posts.  They
             are so important to me as a beginning writer.
8. I am grateful for the fact my injured thumb seems to be SLOWLY getting better - really not sure
                  what I did to it.
9.  I am grateful to have time to read other slices from new friends
                  each day.
10.  I am grateful for all the blessings in my life and all the blessings
                    to come.

Quote for the day:  All things bright and beautiful,
                               all creatures great and small
                               All things wild and wonderful,
                               the Lord God made them all.
                                                ~Cecil Frances Alexander


  1. My grade 3/4 had a guest speaker teaching about Buddhism as part of our Religions unit of study. She talked about the joy of thinking: I am alive! I was born! Your gratitude list reminds me of that. I think that no matter what religion it is the appreciation that helps to enjoy the now. I can't wait to see the blossoms but today I was grateful that the sun peeked through the clouds and I didn't have to wear a hat.

  2. This is so nice. We all get so busy with our lives that we forget to be thankful for what we have and the little things around us (I loved that you were grateful for the blanket of snow--I don't think I've ever been grateful for that). So here's to the little things in our lives that bring a smile to our faces. Enjoy you today! Can't wait to read you tomorrow.

  3. Spring break is coming soon for me(4 days:) One of the things I am grateful for today is your sweet list! I related to your comment about SOLC!

  4. Another great list! I have done a TBA list- Truths, Beauties, and Appreciations. It's similar to your gratitude list, but it's 3 different lists. You should check it out if you want. Here's a link:

    Happy blogging, and enjoy your Spring Break! Mine's in 2 and a half weeks...:)

    Jennifer K.