Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goodbye Spring Break

Let me begin today’s post with my deep appreciation and gratitude for all of you who took the time to read and comment on my previous post about my son.  Your kind words of support – both for my writing and for my son – means more to me than I can express.  Life is not always easy when you live with dyslexia and ADHD, but I am so thankful everyday that he is healthy and capable and not afflicted with much more serious conditions!  We are blessed.  Thank you again!!!!!

So, my Spring Break is finished.  This day had to come – and now here it is.  When I look back I first feel pangs of guilt over all the plans I had that did not get accomplished.

I did not clean out the hall closet, I did not work in the yard to begin getting it ready for planting and spring, I did not organize boxes of photos, I did not wash my dog, I did not return to my workout routine, I did not…

But I have to stop myself.  Negative thinking.  What DID I do?

I rested and relaxed, I read an entire book out on my front porch in the sun, I slept in (really, really late!!!), I took my son and a buddy to a car museum, I shopped and had ice cream with my daughter, I went to a movie with my family, and then out to a delicious dinner, I had two family movie nights in a row, I made my husband’s favorite cake – just because, I browsed my favorite bookstore, I watched bad TV, I got caught up on laundry, I read and commented on wonderful writing slices, I wrote everyday, I had phone conversations with my family, I laughed with my kids and my husband, I helped my daughter as she participated in a district Science Fair, I cleaned out the inside of my car, I got a haircut, I tried my hand at Just Dance 3 with my daughter (glad no one saw that!), I luxuriated over the daily paper and a cup of coffee, I soaked up the gorgeous weather….

I’d say I got a lot done after all.  Hope you enjoyed or WILL ENJOY your Spring Break!

Quote of the day: It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he
                                    constructs the true fabric of self.            ~Agnes Repplier


  1. Oh, I'm longing for spring break in two weeks! Loved your list of things you did. I'm looking forward to luxuriating with a good book and sleeping in!

  2. I would say you've done it all, Miss Julie. Look at all the verbs you used!!! I've really enjoyed reading your posts and hope to read more of them. I'm using the poem I wrote on March 10 (I think) inspired by your post "An Invitation Poem" inspired by Robert Frost, to read at my one writing group tomorrow morning. I really enjoyed writing that poem and want to try it again. Thanks for all your inspiration to us slicers. Have a good first day back at school. Remember, summer vacation is not far away!!!!

  3. Julie, I am so, so glad you stopped the negative thinking . . . this is my mantra "negative out brings negative in" I try to live by these words everyday,,not always easy but I try. And more importantly, you accomplished the most important things in life . . . time for yourself and time with and for your family! Good for you!!!

  4. It sounds like you had a good break after all. You did so many things that there is never time for during the school week. Have a good day tomorrow!