Monday, March 19, 2012

Double Stuff Oreos

            We were driving home today – my son and daughter in the backseat snacking on junk food I admit to buying them:  Doritos and Double Stuff Oreos.  The Doritos you can have, but I confess a weakness for double stuff Oreos.  They are my all time favorite store bought cookie.  I can’t eat just one – so it’s dangerous for them to be around me.  I had already had one too many while waiting for Ben to be finished with his tutoring.  So anyway, there we were driving home and I hear from the back:

Daughter:  What??  You don’t twist?
Son:  Huh?
Daughter:  Twist!  You don’t twist your Oreo when you eat it?

A smile spread across my face in the front seat.  This should be interesting I think.

Son:  What do you mean twist?
Daughter: Twist the top off of your Oreo.

Now I have no idea how Ben eats his Oreos but he obviously DOES NOT twist.  I glance back to the two as my daughter demonstrates “the ONLY way to eat an Oreo” to her brother – twist off the top cookie, pop into mouth and eat.

I continue smiling and shake my head. 

Mom:  Then what do you do?  My daughter then starts to lick the double stuff slowly.

Daughter:  Like this.  Unless it breaks, then you just eat it all.  This is the way to eat Oreos.
            Anything else is just…sacrilegious!
Mom:  Nope!  That’s not the way I do it.
Daughter:  How do YOU do it? (obviously appalled). 

I reach back for one more cookie.

Mom:  First you eat the top cookie by taking small bites of it (demonstrating as I speak).
            Then you scrape off small sections of “stuff” with your teeth and let it melt in your
            mouth.  Unless it breaks, then you just eat the whole thing.
Daughter:  No way!  You’ve GOT to twist.  It’s the only way.

We were all laughing by this point – a welcome relief to the way we normally end our days - and it got me thinking about all the various ways there might be to eat an Oreo.  Are there as many ways as there are to eat corn on the cob?  What does your preferred Oreo eating method say about you?  Not deep thinking – but fun, nonetheless.
So – How do YOU eat your Oreo?

Quote for the Day:    Humor is the great thing, the saving thing.  The minute it crops up,
                                    all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes
                                    their place.                 ~Mark Twain


  1. A healthy laughter over eating cookies. A delicious (I read your yesterday's post) slice.
    I eat a whole cookie, my husband twists.

  2. Great slice today. Have to get some Oreos. I like to scrape the fillng with my teeth and eat the cookie part last.

  3. Love it! I break it in half and eat each half with delight! It's too big to eat whole and if I did the twist (which used to be my method) then I would end up with a just-cookie-no-cream portion. That's just disappointing to the cream lover in me. Fun slice!

  4. I'll go along with your quote for the day. I need to laugh every day or I will shrivel up and possibly go another day in misery. As far as Oreos I have to go back into time because I really like homemade now. I think I took off the top and didn't know any better that twisting will help you get it off the top without breaking the cookie--never heard of nibbling off the top!!! Then I dunked it and just ate it. Fun time with your kids. Good slice.

  5. I enjoyed reading your slice. Brought back memories of eating Oreo cookies. My favorite way to eat a cookie is to twist and dip the cookie without the filling in milk. Then eat the rest of the cookies. Then finish off the milk. I want an Oreo!

    First Grade Delight

  6. I don't really eat Oreos cookies much but if I remember the last time I did, I had to dunk it in milk. I have other weaknesses trust me. I do love your quote about so true! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Pop it in my mouth whole!! I prefer the Golden Oreos, though. Less mess in the teeth!

  8. Funny. I haven't had an Oreo in years but I'm pretty sure I take it apart, eat the white filling, and then eat the cookie part. The filling is the best part!