Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

It’s been a day of frustrations!  Let me summarize:


Last day of State Testing, temperature outside = 80 degrees, temperature in my classroom = 87 degrees (third day in a row).  Boiler is broken – 4 emergency work orders called in – still no response.
Sorry kids – I know it’s hot – try not to sweat on your tests.
Windows open – doors open – no help.
No, I can’t define that word for you, I’m sorry.
No, I can’t spell that for you.  Do the best you can.
Two kids absent – will have to take make up tests.

Go to Constituency meeting; discuss items brought up at the last Instructional Council meeting.
No, we can’t do anything about the janitorial situation:  one is out on bereavement leave, the other rarely comes in and when he does, he doesn’t do his job (nor does the one who is out).  This has been going on over 20 years with this guy.  The school is filthy.  Head janitor is retiring this year and has given into the frustration of having to do the job of the other two janitors – so he has refused to help in any way this year – won’t help move furniture, won’t attend to his own job responsibilities.  This building is on the National Historic Register – but is probably in violation of all kinds of health and safety codes right now due to the lack of any proper janitorial care.
No, the state legislature did not pass any of the horrible “reform” bills geared at education and teachers this session – but there is always a way around that.  We have an Education Secretary who has no degree or experience in the field of education and no classroom experience at all.  She still has a “designee” status because the Legislature has not confirmed her (more than a year into her job) – but she is allowed to continue to work and make policies that affect teachers and students.  Because our state received a waiver of NCLB, the Governor and Ed. Secretary can implement many of the horrendous policies that the Legislature just voted down, without anyone’s consent.  (I don’t claim to understand this all, but I do know that it is not good for any of us).

Realization that I am now in charge of Master Schedule committee and I have to replace the teacher who left last year suddenly dawns on me.  We are a small school and most teachers are already over-committed.  Who the h_ _ l am I going to find to fill this spot in just a few weeks?

Go home.  Begin to make phone calls to try to schedule appointments for both my daughter and me with specialists to whom we have been referred.
Yes, we can make that appointment – the first available is the end of May!
            Oh dear, but my daughter’s pediatrician really wants her to be seen as soon as
I’m sorry – that’s the best we can do.  Do you want the appointment?
            Well, yes, OK.  She has to be seen.
Fine, let me get all your information and you will have to give us a credit card number ahead of time in case you cancel this appointment with less than 24 hours notice – you will be charged $50.00.  Will this be a problem?
            What?  I’ve never had to do this before?
Yes, it’s a new policy.  Do you want the appointment or not?
            Well – OK – she HAS to be seen!!!

Husband, upon finding out I gave out credit card # to make this appointment:
He shouldn’t have yelled – but he does have a point – Whoever heard of such a thing?  But I can’t undo my mistake.  I feel dumb.  I cry.
My efforts with the orthopedic specialist I need to see about my thumb (about which I previously blogged) are not much better –
Yes, Dr. B. can see you – at the end of MAY.
            Oh, well – you see, my Dr. really wanted me to be seen in the next few weeks.
Well that is the first available appointment.  Do you want it or not?

Late Afternoon
My superhero power of invisibility kicked in at this point.  I stopped at Walgreens for a quick errand.  Needed a pick-me-up – so went to get a diet soda from the fountain.  Stopped in front of the machine and reached for a cup. (At this point I became INVISIBLE).
A woman slides up next to and then in front of me.  To her credit, she said “Excuse me” but then proceeded to take the cup I had been reaching for, stood in front of me to fill it with ice and soda, stepped aside to get a lid and straw and cut in front of me to leave.  My jaw just dropped.  My son witnessed the whole thing.  I asked him afterwards if he could see me!  He could.

Invisibility continued as we drove to tutoring.  Giant red truck cuts me off in order to get into my lane.  Had to SLAM the breaks to not meet up with his back fender.

Pick up daughter from track practice.  Her problem with leg and arm (for which she needs to be seen by a specialist) was really bad today, she informs me.  Her symptoms are beginning to really worry me.  So is the fact that she was referred to a neurologist.  Yet – she can’t be seen for TWO MONTHS!? 

Arrive home to find that dinner is – well – not present. My husband, the one who yelled earlier – also makes dinner, or most of it, every day since he works nights and is home during the day.  Except – just not tonight.  Guess we’ll be eating strange leftover things from the refrigerator.

I am a “big picture” person.  I try very hard to not “sweat the small stuff” as they say.  I work daily to not stress out about things.  I’ve been pretty successful at this!  I focus on the moment and I look for ways to be grateful all day, every day.
But – today, the stresses won.  I have a muscle tension headache coming on.  Will have to medicate!
Yep – today got the better of me.

Quote for the day:        I try to take it one day at a time,
                                    but sometimes several days attack me at once.
                                                                        ~Jennifer Yane


  1. Your day was so real..I felt like I was going through it with you...Either you are a great writer OR I've had some pretty similar days OR MOST LIKELY, your writing connected with your reader. Hope tomorrow is better....mine is already looking bleak!

  2. One of those days--sorry. Hope tomorrow right it.