Friday, March 14, 2014

Working on Compassion...

As I walked up the long sidewalk towards my school building this morning, I came upon woman sitting on the front steps.  As I neared, I saw that she was likely homeless - tattered clothing, worn sleeping bag at her feet, one small plastic shopping bag next to her harboring her few personal belongings.  On her lap lay a large Bible, open to the middle.  She read intently until I made my way up the steps next to her.  Turning her head, she looked at me.  We greeted each other quietly.

My first inclination was to tell her that she would have to move along, that teachers and students would be arriving shortly, that this was not a place she could sit.  Thankfully, better judgment prevailed.  Why not?  What harm was she doing really?  Taking a moment out of what would likely be another day of just surviving to enjoy the cool morning air, surrounded by beauty, pondering God's word.  Why not indeed?  I almost wished I had the time to sit down next to her for a few peaceful moments.

My wish for her this day is that she is met with kindness, compassion and many blessings...

Quote of the day:  Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it.  ~Author Unknown

The walk up to the front of my school

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  1. I hope she was met today with His kindness, compassion and blessings. I am sure your quiet greeting made her morning. Lovely post.