Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ten things...

Short on ideas today and busy with parent-teacher conferences so I am reviving a favorite SOL format:

Ten Things I Love

1. The wistful call of a Great Horned Owl calling its mate as it sat atop a cactus outside my childhood bedroom
2.  A warm bowl of chili with saltine crackers
3.  Comments posted on my SOL entries
4.  Skiing with my family down a powdery slope on a warm winter day
5.  The beginning of a good book, with all its possibilities
6.  SHOES.....  especially running shoes.  (No I don't run but they are COOL and comfortable)
7.  Watching my son excel in athletics
8.  Watching my daughter emerge into a beautiful, talented young woman
10. Laughing til the tears stream down your face

Ten Things I Hate

1.  Parents who are not THERE for their kids
3.  Disrespect of teachers and our profession
4.  The feeling of wanting to cry all the time
5.  Beets
6.  Sales calls at your door or on the phone every night
7.  Wet socks
8.  Abandoned or mistreated dogs
9.  Not having time to be creative
10.  Having a dairy allergy

Happy Thursday, fellow Slicers.

Quote for the day:  The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.   ~ Henry Miller


  1. Our commonalities: Likes-- Skiing and chili (especially together!), and Dislikes--Disrespect of teachers, wet socks, and lack of time to be creative. I hadn't really thought about how my lack of creativity sometimes is actually DUE to a lack of time...sigh...Great slice!

  2. Skiing, chilli, stood out for me (positive) as did dairy allergy:(negative)...I love lists, like poems they say a lot without many words.

  3. Oh, this is a great idea! So much to celebrate in your things to love...and wet socks? yes, I feel the same way about those, too!

  4. I've been planning to blog a post like this one for some time now. I haven't quite made it up to 10 each yet. I'm sure I could come up with some if I tried, but I prefer to wait until I realize I feel so strongly about something that it has to go on the list! Maybe your post will get me in the right mindset for that to happen.

  5. Lists are important to all writers. Your lists have much potential for future writing as you can now unpack selected items on your list and write about them in greater depth -should you wish. You have created topic lists so easily here. Lists also aroused curiosity in your readers. They begin to ask questions, such as, -Tell me more about your aversion to wet socks. Your writing today is like buried treasure....

  6. Interesting how creating a list becomes fodder for future writing. The question begs to learn why are these things you hate or love. Love is easier to understand, but hate needs to be explained more fully.

  7. Great simple structure to use when pressed for time. My favorite from the love list: The beginning of a good book, with all its possibilities.