Thursday, March 27, 2014


A slice of my evening - better post this now cause you'll soon see why it won't get done later....

Once I post this I will be:

*helping my son get started on regular homework
*take son to baseball practice
*try to rush over to see daughter in track meet
*return to pick up son from practice
*figure out dinner - sounds like a gross take out night
*pick up said dinner
*come home, eat
* help son finish up regular homework, help son with make up homework due to the two sick days he had this week
*prepare for a meeting with my principal tomorrow
*email a couple of son's teachers
*start laundry
*grade papers
*try to squeeze in catching a bit of the U of AZ basketball game (GO CATS)
*start sub plans for next Monday
*make sure kids get to bed at a decent time (maybe, if homework doesn't take all night)

There might be more, but I just can't remember...
Ready, set, go!

Quote of the day:  Today I felt pass over me
                             A breath of wind from the wings of madness.
                                                    ~Charles Baudelaire


  1. Full evening planned, makes me settle into my couch just a bit deeper and appreciate my simple life. I'll think about you as I head to bed later. :-)

  2. Hope the evening is now winding down. I don't know where you are, so maybe it's still 'practice' time. At least you have a list!

  3. Good thing you have a list to keep track of all of your tasks. You might want to include sleep on your list.

  4. Yup...just another evening in the life of a mom. Get some time for you, too!