Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Missing Fun

In an awful mood today
I wish I could go out and play
fly a kite

read a book
sit beside a babbling brook

Testing really has me down
Is it verb or is it noun?
Do we add?  Perhaps subtract?
Can you think in the abstract?

Other teachers bug me, too.
Why don’t they know what to do?
Kids run wildly through the hall
Yet no one wants to make the call

“It’s recess – you should be outside!”
It’s the rule – don’t let it slide!
But most adults just turn away
Don’t try to make the kids obey
Regardless if the rule is there
to keep kids safe – because we care!?

I’m tired of sitting in this room
when all the world is in full bloom
and Earth is warmed by the bright Sun
yep – time to leave and have some fun

Spring break remains some weeks away
How will I make it one more day?
The air is sweet and leisure calls
but I sit stuck in these four walls.

And so I must resign myself
to put all fun up on the shelf
I take a breath
I close my eyes
and dream of golden summer skies.

Quote of the day:     To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie -

                                        True Poems flee.

                                                                              ~Emily Dickinson


  1. You shape your thoughts into a poem, that in itself is a breath of fresh air compared to testing.

  2. So many emotions in this poem! What talent you have to create this and have a rhyme work for you. I hope better days are ahead.