Monday, March 2, 2015


        I won't fill up these posts with my rants about THE TEST.  But today was DAY ONE and I had managed to work myself up into a real tither over the weekend.
         I don't stress about much - ever.  Not worth it.  Life is too short.  But I made the mistake of reading endless Facebook posts regarding THE TEST from around the country - and became more and more worked up over the weekend.  I must have questioned my poor daughter at least ten different times about the walkout she wanted to participate in today, about the test schedule at her school, about her graduation requirements - on and on - poor kid.
         As I went to bed my stomach was churning.  "This is ridiculous" I thought to myself, "You haven't been at all stressed up til now - what gives?"  This morning was no better.  Shallow breathing, mind sifting through all the possibilities of what could go wrong, or things I might forget to do or say.  I KNEW I wanted to have one last conversation with my kids before we tested - I felt I had not adequately prepared them - they needed to know that while I hoped they would try to do their best, that these results in no way defined them or their abilities, that THEY shouldn't stress out about this, that we all just needed to get through it and move on.
         I had to scramble a bit this morning figuring out who the latest kids were to opt out, where the materials were that I needed to administer the testing, other logistical issues.  At one point I felt the tears coming.  I shook them off.  This is madness - I would NOT let myself cry over such a pointless and absurd state of affairs.
         I spoke with my students once they all settled in, got the test started with only a few glitches, made it through about an hour of testing, successfully logged everyone out.  My opt out kids were amazing, as they sat in a corner of the Library quietly working or reading.  My Instructional Coach was a lifesaver in getting me to breathe and relax.  My testing kids were brilliant - listening, following instructions, working hard.
         I am much better now having made it through DAY ONE.  No doubt my emotions will run the gamut over the next few months - but I'll deal!  May all of you who are walking this same path with me be at ease and may all go well for you.

Quote of the Day:  Why waste your time worrying?  Has it ever solved anything? Breathe. Think. Solve.  Much more effective.


  1. Follow the advice of your quote. If you've taught well, there's no reason to get worked up. We just do the best we can.

  2. I am thankful every day that I am 1) an elective teacher, and 2) that there is no test in sight for foreign language! A friend of mine is stressing about her own dept's TEST, and for her kids. I've been singing "let it go" to her all day. You have done everything you can to prepare them. They will do well, or they won't, and then we'll know where to go from there! (easier said than done, I know!) Good luck testing!!

  3. Testing is so stressful for everyone, no matter how prepared we are. We start this week too. Good luck!

  4. Writing helps to get things out of a system, as does crying. Both are allowed. I hope the tests go well.