Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Time

So - a new writing experience begins.  Having completed the Slice of Life March Challenge successfully, I am eager to continue my growth as a new writer.  Teachers Write sounds just perfect.  Summer is here - finally - so I have time on my hands.  My kids are older now and more independent.  Making time for this should - SHOULD - be easy.  But I know better.  Things will get in the way.  Motivation will ebb and flow.  Nevertheless, I will try my best.  I am not a morning person.  I love sleeping in.  I am much more alert and creative late afternoons or evenings.  So that is likely when I will write.  After my husband goes to work in the afternoon and before dinner - maybe after.  As to where - probably on my front porch, weather permitting.  It gets the afternoon sun and is comfortable.  I refuse to make a commitment as to how long I will write each day.  I am a rule follower and I am learning as I age that this is not always necessary and quite liberating to be more spontaneous.  Since I am not working on a novel or story - since I usually write based on a whim or a single thought or a momentary event - I will likely write only around 15 minutes a day to start.  Maybe more, often less.  I am just happy to be writing something!  I finally shared the fact that I had a blog with my parents last April after the SOLC was over - but have not shared with anyone else.  I have no current desire to.  I am content at present to share with my fellow writers online.  I know it is important to let others know that this time is sacred and for me and important.  But I am not ready to share this process.  Not yet.  I look forward to meeting, reading, commenting with many of you this summer.  Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.


  1. Sometimes I think it's okay to keep your writing to yourself. I know that I don't often share my writing with the every day people in my life--more often with teachers and classmates--and I'm not really sure why. Occasionally, with a certain piece or when the time is right, I'll share with those everyday people--family, roommate, etc.--but I think the most important thing is to write for yourself, and you are definitely doing that!

  2. I just recently shared with my parents...they were surprised and my dad was curious. My teacher friends read and occasionally will comment. I feel like I trust the people who are slicing because a community has been created and they really seem to get it. XO nanc

  3. You are wise to know the best times and ways to nurture your writing. Writing is a gift you give yourself - as I've said very often - the fact that people I love and trust read my writing is icing on a cake.